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House of Slap

What is House of Slap Radio?
House of Slap Radio LLC is a multi-entity that targets the hip-hop culture through music, promotion, and faith-based partnerships. House of Slap Radio (HOSR) was founded by Montay McDaniel aka Dj Anointed in 2008. HOSR functions as a Christian Hip-Hop radio show podcast, mobile deejay service, and event promoter.
The Mission:
To effectively reach our urban culture with the Word of God through innovative hip-hop elements, as we intently empower and equip disciples to impact the world. (Matt. 28:19)
The Vision:
“House of Slap Radio Where Faith and Hip-Hop Collide”. We desire to allow God to mature your faith to a point were it confronts their very issues in your life that are contrary to His will.
House of Slap Radio Podcast Show
House of Slap Radio airs on two major internet websites www.headzupfm.com and www.dasouth.com twice a month, collectively House of Slap Radio is exposed to 16 million listeners a month. According to recent reports from Headzupfm.com (HOSR) most downloads were +39,000 Episode 13. Last’s month episode received +9,000 downloads.
House of Slap Radio added Stellar Nominated Hip-Hop Artist Transparent as Co-Host since this addition the first show “REHAB” has demanded +450 downloads in the first week via houseofslap.podomatic.com.
Gospel Skate Night
HOSR has become intentional in reaching the Greater Sacramento Area. In 2009 Gospel Skate Nights with the partnership of Lord’s Gym South Sacramento Gospel Skate Night was launched. Once a month HOSR hosts Gospel Skate Night that brings youth ministries and families alike from as far as the Bay Area and Yuba City.
HOSR Street Team/Mobile Deejay Service
HOSR has made strides to become the source of Holy Hip Hop in the Nor Cal Area. We have partnered with ministries such as RELOAD Bay Area, UYWI West Coast, Take A Stand, and many faith-based and community partnerships.
We realized in order for us to become a voice in our local communities we must established a strategic Street Team. Rev. David Derf aka WORDsmith has been selected as HOSR Street Team Director.
HOSR has been blessed to add three established Christian Deejays: Dj Heat, Dj Holy Ghost, and Dj Prophetic this will enable HOSR to expand it’s mobile services, but more importantly reach our demographic through Christian Hip-Hop.



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