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Praise Broadcasting Network / PBN Radio

Pat started his first radio job in 1973 in order to help pay his way through college and Graduate School. Thirteen years later Praise Broadcasting Network, Inc. was born. Pat and Claudia have been happily married over 27 years. Their children are Mandy, Patrick, and Mindy.

Pat was Originator, Host and Program Director of a live by satellite Praise and Worship program, “Praise In The Night”, heard nationwide nine hours each night, seven nights each week from Dallas, Texas. He designed and created the unique programming that began June 1988.

After a seven year hiatus, Pat was back broadcasting on Praise Broadcasting Network: Same Format, Same Heart, Same Spirit!

Browsing through Praise Broadcasting Network’s Guestbook on the Internet will tell the story of how deeply hearts are being touched around the world with this unique programming.

If you were to ask Pat why his broadcasts are such an overwhelming success, he would unequivocally tell you it is because Jesus is put before any thought of popularity or success. “Be real with the people, and don’t attempt to be something you are not. If you minister Jesus to people’s hearts, then listeners will be drawn to hear what you have to say,” says Pat.

Even though Pat has a long list of successful radio and business credits, he does not take any of this lightly. It is not unusual to find Pat late into the night talking to hurting listeners, answering listener correspondence, previewing music to be heard on Praise Until Dawn.

Praise Broadcasting Network did not come easily or quickly. It was the result of many years of struggle and hardship, and always prayer.

What follows is the story of Pat Rutherford’s life in radio and the story behind the creation of Praise Broadcasting Network.



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