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Growthtrac Ministries

Growthtrac Ministries is a Christian nonprofit media ministry — we are an organization that strengthens marriages by providing life-changing, Christ-centered resources through innovative online media.

Last year Growthtrac impacted more than500,000 marriages through its strategic use of online media — both Internet and radio — by preparing couples for marriage, enriching marriages, and helping hurting marriages. We’re a “marriage hub” with 4,000 pages of expert articles, author interviews, devotionals, and marriage-building resources.

Research indicates when maritally stressed couples seek assistance, they often first turn to the Internet. That’s where our organization excels. Last year alone, Growthtrac dispensed more than 5 million touches through counseling referrals, daily devotions, prayer requests, marriage assessments, premarital mentoring, and gospel invitations. Eighty percent of its audience revealed Growthtrac made a positive difference in their marriage.

And, because we believe Christian music draws couples spiritually, we deliver a unique mix of worship and marriage programming on our streamed station, GrowthtracRadio.



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