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KTLF The Legacy

In the early 1980’s, three Colorado Springs businessmen had a vision for Christian radio in their community. On February 27th, 1989, that vision became reality when KTLF Light Praise signed on the air. By November of 1992, technology advancements and donor support provided the opportunity to uplink the KTLF signal to satellite, making possible accelerated expansion of FM translators. Now the Colorado statewide network of KTLF Light Praise has grown to 14 full-power stations and 26 translators.

In 2008, KTLF began broadcasting the programming of Moody Radio on KTPL Word88.

On June 1st 2015, KTLF launched it’s newest station,The Legacy, featuring Traditional Contemporary Music, Southern Gospel, and Hymns.

While the primary focus is Christian music, the ongoing goal and mission of Light Praise, Word88, and The Legacy is to establish, equip, encourage, inspire, and spiritually stimulate people in their Christian faith.



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