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Christian Life Radio

Christian Life Radio is a light and easy music format spanning 4 decades. Part of "The Historic Preservation of Recorded Christian Music Project", a 501c3 not for profit ministry of Community Net Vision, Inc., located in the United States. Our mission is to preserve and share wholesome Christian music while ministering to our listeners with short Bible readings and featured commentaries.

We pray on a daily basis for God's blessings upon our ministry. We have an immediate need is to raise support for an administrative secretary who will oversee the management of the music cataloging system, audio content digital input, responding to grant and donor needs, plus working with volunteers and better communicating with listeners from around the world. Do you have a passion and love for Contemporary Christian Music? Has it changed your life? Would you say you have a heart to help preserve and share worldwide this music that has changed your life? If your answer is yes, we would love for you to be part of this global effort.

You can begin by praying for our projects. If you are able to directly offer financial support, a one time gift or your regular monthly support allows us to do advance this work and is heartfelt appreciated. We are accountable to a Board of Directors that I consider to be of the highest character integrity, who will ensure that your financial gift will only be used for the Glory of God in this project. Please use the history, board and needs links about this article.



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  • Ivan Golenko
    [Christian Life Radio] 2016-02-01 12:49:50
    Приятная музыка для размышления над Словом Божьим. Всех благ Господа нашего!