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Life FM 103.9 Gippsland

Who are we?

Gippsland Christian Broadcasters (trading as Life FM) is an Incorporated Association of members committed to bringing Christian Community Radio to Gippsland, Victoria. Life FM Gippsland is an independent station and not part of a larger network.

Our vision

For everyone to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus.

Our aims

Life FM Gippsland provides programs and music to equip, empower and encourage Christians across Gippsland to face the future with hope in these troubled and challenging times.

Now more than ever the Christian message of hope is needed to provide light in otherwise “dark” situations.

Life FM also provides a radio service for the Christian community of Gippsland, with powerful teaching programs and a clean positive sound that only Christian content can provide. We focus on family friendly broadcasting with no bad language and lots of great “clean” music.

Life FM also aims to break down any stigma attached to the church, to open pathways back into fellowship with other Christians and to be a unique medium for Christian development in the region.

In addition, Life FM offers professional training courses for those interested in community radio and offers reasonably priced sponsorship rates for local businesses.



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